• Future Plans

    Saya aims to establish a vocational training campus and a chemistry laboratory in times to come.

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    Saya is a community of volunteers that works for the good of those with little options in life. It fills …

  • Our Goal

    Saya’s goal is to provide the children a better chance in life and develop into responsible citizens and good human …

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    Saya believes in putting self before service. It encourages people of all ages and gender and ideologies to volunteer to …

SAYA School

The school has over 700 children on its rolls. They are not only provided education in the prescribed curriculum, they are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities such as sports, plays and skits. There is a full-fledged computer laboratory and Internet to keep them abreast with the latest trends in technology. A well-equipped library offers thousands of books to the children to inculcate reading habits in them. Religious education is provided to those interested in learning the Quran.



Morning Shift Students


Evening Shift Students




Class Rooms


“By donating, you will also be supporting your own community and literally saving lives with every pint donated.”  Pam Henry

There are many Children out there waiting for your help. A small donation from your side can bring a huge change in their lives.

Donations can be made in the form of :

         1. Money

         2. Books

         3. Furniture

         4. Medicines

        5. Computers

Sponsor a child
Saya has a program to cover the expenses of a child’s education on the following lines:

1. Monthly Sponsorship: Rs. 1000 (One Thousand)

2. Annual Subscription: Rs. 12000 (Twelve Thousand)

Our Account Numbers :

Account No: 0127-0101002336, Askari Bank Limited, Markaz F11 Islamabad

Account No: 0285-0981-005042019, Bank Al Habib, Markaz F 11 Islamabad 



Inspiration Behind SAYA

Safia Yamin is the inspiration behind the SAYA story. She started the SAYA dispensary and has always been an ardent supporter of SAYA school and all the assosiated projects.

SAYA Story